12/24/18 - 12-28-18

Take a look at the chart above from our INDEXALYZER software.  It compares the performance over the last 10 years based upon a Dec - Dec time period.  I compared the new Goldman Sacs Motif AAI to the S&P 500.  It amazes me that in its pure form, the S&P 500 destroys the Motif.  Now lets look below at what happens when you add a crediting method into the mix.

By adding in examples of current crediting from the S&P 500 and the Goldman Sacs Motif AAI we see that the overall returns are very close at the end of the 10 years.  This is exactly the reason why we can never fall into the trap of just looking at one aspect of a products performance design.  We have to take everything into account!  Now let's throw another wrinkle into the mix.  What if we showed a par only method on the S&P 500?  Look below to see how things change.

If you are an FMO or a marketer at an FMO and would like to learn how you can run these comparisons yourself, CLICK HERE to request more information.
Check back here next Friday to see how the JP Morgan Mosaic stacks up against the S&P 500!
12/24/18 - 12-28-18


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