Procedure Manual


Add A New Index


Step #1 - Conduct a Google search and verify you are able to download closing prices on the index for at least 10 years.

Step #2 - Download the last 10 years of prices.  If there is no download available, but prices can still be obtained, just leave the website where you found the prices open and move on to the next step.

Step #3 - Determine if the download is Annual, Monthly or Daily.  Write it down on a scrap piece of paper.

Step #4 - Open the most current version of INDEXALYZER.

Step #5 - Right-Click on the "CARRIERS" tab and select "Unhide".

Step #6 - When the menu box appears, select "PRICES".  (You may have to scroll down)

Step #7 - Scroll over to the right until you find the thick solid black vertical line.

Step #8 - Insert new columns to the left of the thick black line by highlighting the column the line is in and dragging over to the right to equal the number of new columns you need.  (To determine the number you need, look at you scrap piece of paper.  If you wrote down Annual you need 2 new columns.  If you wrote down Monthly, you need 2 new columns.  If you wrote down Daily, you need 4 new columns.)

Step #9 - In the highlighted area right-click and select "Insert".

Step #10A - If Annual Prices, scroll back to the left and locate the first index that also uses Annual Prices.  The first column in that other index is a date.  On you scrap piece of paper, write down the cell location (ie...NO18) of the first date in that column. 

Step #11A - In the first new column, link the first cell under the "D" heading to the cell location you wrote down on your scrap piece of paper.  (ie... =NO18)  (If the cell returns numbers other than a date, you may need to format the cell by right-clicking it and select format cell, then select date and choose the first option at the top of the list.)

Step #12A - Right-click and select copy on the cell you just programmed.

Step #13A - Highlight 10 cells directly below the cell you just coppied.

Step #14A - Right-click in the highlighted area and select "Paste".

Step #15A - In the cell next to the first date, locate the price for that date on the website you kept open from Step #2 and enter the price there.

Step #16A - Repeat Step #15A in each of the 10 cells below.

Step #10M - If Monthly Prices

Step #2 - Click on the "INDEX LAUNCH DATES" tab.

Step #3 - In the main menu at the top of the screen, click on the "Review" link.

Step #4 - In the menu that appears, click the "Unprotect Sheet" link.

Step #5 - A box will appear asking for a Password.  Obtain the password from management and enter it in.

Step #6 - In the main menu at the top of the screen, click on the "View" link.

Step #7 - Make sure that the boxes next to "Formula Bar, Gridlines & Headings" all have a check in them.

Step #8 - Highlight columns G-T then right-click in the highlighted area and select "Unhide".