Underwriting is the single most difficult part of the Life Insurance application process.  Fortunately, the carriers provide agents with "Field Underwriting Guides" to help speed up the process and give clients a reasonable expectation of what their premiums will end up being.  The problem is the number of carriers there are in the marketplace today makes it difficult and time consuming to go through each underwriting guide.

That's where e-Underwriter comes to the rescue.  This product is for FMO use only.  Agents can call in with their clients underwriting information and the marketer will simply enter it into the software and instantly they will see which underwriting class each carrier will place the client.  If the client will not merit at least a standard underwriting class, the software will compile the data into a single report ready to send to an underwriter for a pre-underwriting decision.  The system will have the ability to enter in each of the FMO's underwriting contacts at the various carriers so with one click of a mouse the reports can be sent to all of them.


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