This program will allow you to illustrate multiple growth-based Fixed Indexed Annuities is a really short amount of time.  Imagine, entering in the client data ONCE and then simply shift from one product to another to generate illustrations that are utilizing current, to the month, index pricing data.


This program will also allow you to illustrate Income Riders.  There are several programs on the marketing that will compare guaranteed income riders.  They are all very well constructed, but they lack a few things:

  • Performance

  • The ability to illustrate Stacking products

  • The ability to illustrate Non-Guaranteed products

  • The ability to compare Guaranteed alongside Stacking and Non-Guaranteed.

What are these new terms?  The industry has made some very impressive advancements since 2005 when the income rider was born.  Let's take a look at each of these terms.


This is a rider that has a fixed guaranteed "Roll-Up" rate along with a fixed bonus amount and fixed payout grids.  They usually require the client to pay a fee that will hurt the overall performance of the annuity, but the client has the advantage of knowing exactly what their income will be in the future.


This will also have some guaranteed aspects included in its design.


In this type of rider, there are no guarantees of growth year by year.  The payout factors and bonuses are guaranteed, but how the income account grows is not.  It is 100% dependent upon the success of the crediting methods to produce future income.

The INCOME RIDER PRO software has the power of the INDEXALYZER software built into it.  This give it the ability to illustrate how a Stacking design or a Non-Guaranteed design would have performed with data from the actual crediting methods used inside the products.