Hey FMO's.......Are you in recruting mode?  Dumb question right?  Of course you are!  Well we have something new that the industry has never seen.  We call it our RECRUITER+ Program.  In case you are not familier with our Founder, Kent Jacquay, take a minute to review his credintials.

  • He was an agent that started selling FIA's, well back then EIA's, in 1997

  • He has worked as a Life, LTC and Annuity Marketer at one of the largest FMO's in the country

  • He has held the position of Director of Annuities at 3 other FMO's

  • He has held the position of Director of Financial Services at 1 other FMO

  • He has held the position of Marketing Manager at an FMO with a highly successful Lead Generation program

  • He also ran his own AFMO for nearly 10 years

Needless to say, he knows a great deal about agent recruitment!  Here is what he has learned in his 25 years in this business:

"As a young agent, I worked under a CFP that, still to this day, I have not met anyone that has as much knowledge about so many areas of financial planning.  He researched and learned constantly.  I found that watching him spend so much time on this side of the business was great for his clients, but not so great for his production numbers.  He did fine, but through my experience on the FMO side, and meeting many agents that did not posses his knowledge level, the most successful ones were the ones that knew more about marketing than financial planning!  Marketing was always a challenge in those days.  We tried many different tatics and ideas.  We didn't find success until we bought into a system, a system that was workshop based.  We learned that the material used for the workshop did a great job bringing in prospects, but it wasn't until we did enough workshops to realize that it wasn't the material that hooked the prospects for appointments, it was the one-on-one time we spent with each attendee!  So we shortened the presentations and discovered a way to keep everyone in the room until the CFP had a chance to individually speak to them.  Then our appointments and sales went through the roof!

As a Director or Manager at an FMO, I also learned that the best way to recruit agents was with a 'Lead Generation' system.  I only ever worked at one firm that offered a system, and I have to say, recruiting was the easy part.  We turned away more agents then we recurited!  I realize that relationships, technology, commission rates, carrier contracts, and even exclusive products are important to recruitment, but I have never seen anything recruit better than offering lead generation!"

So that is what we have created for you with our RECRUITER+ program.  Two new Lead Generation programs for you to offer your prospective agents.  You must be at our Platinum or Gold level of partnership to participate.  Here is how it works:

  • For agents we just launched a new, higher level, membership to called INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES.

  • INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES offers agents, as part of their subscription, membership to two new Lead Generation programs.

  •  We set the price for the INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES at $99.99 per month.

  • You can offer INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES to 10 of your existing agents for FREE!

  • You also get to conduct 3 recruiting webinars (or live workshops when COVID is under control) per year with Kent Jacquay as your guest presenter.  These must be RECRUITING events with only prospective agents in attendence!

    • Use the FREE INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES (>$1,000 value) as enticement to agents to join a webinar or come to an event.

    • At the end of the workshop you will be able to offer INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES for FREE to hook the agent​s.

    • You get to decide the criteria for the agent to receive the FREE membership.  (ie...1,2,3 or more carrier contracts)

We are really excited about this new program, because we know what it can do for an FMO!  When you mix this with all the other benefits that we offer: INDEXALYZER, INCOMEALYZER (and coming soon: MYGALYZER & CALCULYZER), we believe that we have the best programs in the industry.  We are not simply a "Software Company"!  We are a "Recruiting Assistance Company" that has some of the best tools for an FMO! 


Here is another reason why this program is so crucial for an FMO.

If you have purchased other technology programs in the past, or you are paying for one right now, how do you justify the expense?  You know you need to have the programs, but do you have a tangible way to justify the expense?  Our guess is no!  Giving your marketers access to programs will may make their job easier and make them more efficient, but how does that translate to profit or loss?

With our new RECRUITER+ program, you can finally have that mystery solved.  Before this program we were like everyone else, INDEXALYZER makes your marketers and case designers extremely knowlegable about FIA product performance and helps with their efficiancy.  It also helps agents make better allocation reccomendations.  INCOMEALYZER gives your marketers and case designers the most enclusive knowledge about FIA Income Riders and saves time with our quick sorting ability.  This is going to be true with MYGALYZER as well.  When we release CALCULYZER, you will have access to customized calculators that will help your agents close sales.  The question still remains, did any of these programs offer the conclusive fact that made the client decide to sign the app?  Along with all the other programs out there, we are in the same boat and the answer is really hard to find.

Now we can offer conclusive evidence that the money you spend on our systems can be accounted for and you will be able to see if we can generate a profit for you.  Here is how.  We offer you 3 events per year to help you recruit.  We will know every agent you recruit because of their enrollment in the INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES.  At the end of a 12 month cycle, you can simply track the premium generated from these agents we recruit for you, calculate the over ride revenue, subtract the cost of our program and there you have it!  The best part about it is that we offer you 3 events per year.  The agents we recruit for you this year will hopefully be producing for you next year and for many years after that.  We will keep adding new recruits every year and your production will mushroom while your cost to us stays level!


Think about it, right now you are most likely paying for access to FIA product sorting, Income Rider calculations, and performance history.  Why not get paid for the same, or in most cases better, access to this information!  We conservently estimate that if you join the Index Resource Center LLC at our GOLD level and sucessfully conduct the 3 recruitng events, your profit could be between:

200% - 300%


For more information about all our programs, or to get started with this program call: 317-516-8142

Or send an email to our Founder at: