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We devote all of our time to the research of fixed indexed products and compile that research into software tailor made for FMO marketers.  We also track the performance of every crediting method found inside of Fixed Indexed Annuities and Indexed Universal Life products.  We offer licensing agreements to FMO's for the usage of our software products, as well as offer a subscription based website for individual licensed insurance agents.


Our company contains professionals from the insurance industry and the computer technology industry.  We also have a team of consultants from the FMO industry.

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Kent began his career as a life marketer in a prominent FMO and advanced into annuities, long-term care and web development.  He has also served clients in the private sector offering life insurance and annuities.  He has been involved in the index product side for over 23 years.  He has held positions as a Director of Annuities, Director of Financial Services and has owned and operated his own FMO.  He has a unique background that mixes a high level of index product knowledge and website and software programming.

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With this software, any FMO annuity and/or life marketer will immediately be transformed into an index expert.  They will be able to analyze the performance of each index that is used in fixed insurance products.

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Comparing guaranteed income levels from an index annuities income rider is no longer enough.  With the new"Stacking" & "Non-guaranteed products, FMO marketers need a better tool.  This is it!



With this system, you will be able to compare a multitude of Multi-Year-Guaranteed-Annuities (MYGA).  You can sort by state, term, MVA, age, ratings and carriers.  

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