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The center was created to provide education and tools to Field Marketing Organizations (FMO...otherwise known as IMO, BGA, MGA) to assist them in marketing index products with a higher level of knowledge.  The index industry is growing at a record pace.  The number of indices available for product usage now has hit an astronomical level.  FMO's and the agents they serve need tools to help them be the best they can be for their clients.  THAT IS WHAT WE DO!

With our tools we feel we can really change the indexing industry.  We can give FMO marketers the instant knowledge to truly help guide agents toward selecting the perfect product for their clients.  Agents can also benefit from our INDEXALYZER carrier reports.  Up until now, agents have only had carrier illustrations to assist them in the sales process.  Now they have a tool that will help them educate their clients on how these products have actually performed.  Please read that sentence again so you can clearly understand our mission.  It is not to predict the future returns of any index product, it is to show the past.  

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