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Recruiting Assistance
We want to help you...
Enhance Your Live Events

Want to recruit more agents?  Invite our staff out to your next live event!  Our presentations will add a high level of quality content and get your agents  excited to be working with you and our products.  We will set up our professional booth complete with our, "soon to be world famous", dart board pictured to the right.  We will play a simple quick game of darts that will impact your agents for the rest of their careers.  When we ask agents how they select crediting methods, we always get this response..."I just throw darts!"  Well, now we will put that to the test, and give them a visual of how much our INDEXALYZER program can:

  • Give them a tool to help guide their clients

  • Protect their agency

  • Make reviews a whole lot easier​

We can bring a high level of quality content to any kind of meeting you are hosting.  Our program will enhance your recruiting events, awards banquets, educational workshops and any other event where you are getting your agents together.

Live events are also the number one way to increase your number of subscribers to!


We firmly believe that webinars are a great way to recruit new agents and increase your subscriptions.  All you have to do is market the webinar and we will conduct it.  This is a crucial part to the recruiting process.  The mistake that most FMO's make is their lack of follow through, both on the marketing and the follow-up.  We want to help.  Through our existing FMO members, we have and will continue to experiment with new and better ways to create a more successful webinar campaign.  We have designed a complete plan for you to follow to insure that your registrations and attendance numbers are better than you have ever seen them.  Click this buttons to view the plan and e-mail examples...

Blast E-mail Marketing Ideas
Bright Idea

Here at the Index Resource Center we get asked all the time if we have "Marketing Pieces" FMO's can send out to prospective and current agents.  We do have some, but frankly, their results are not that great.  What really works is to send out actual reports generated by the INDEXALYZER spreadsheet!  Once the agents see exactly what kind of reports you are able to generate for them, they get really motivated to call you and eventually work with you!  This is a great way to enhance your recruiting efforts!  Below are a few examples of reports and e-mails that you can generate and send out.  These are just a few, you can get really creative and come up with others as well.


State Specific Reports

If you want to do a blast email to a specific state list of agents this is a great way to show off the power that your FMO posses with INDEXALYZER!  



Allocation Strategies

Agents have used the strategy of splitting the clients deposit between a 1yr reset and a 2yr reset and then at the 1st anniversary moving the 1yr into a 2yr to stagger the 2yr returns to credit every year.  Now we can illustrate that!



Income Rider Growth

We have a new breed of income rider products that have no guarantees.  How do you really compare them.  This a great piece to send out to display your superior knowledge of this topic.  The growth of these products is all that matters!



Index Specific Reports

How many times have you heard an agent talk about how much they love a certain index?  What we have found is that they might not be using the product that has the best usage of the index they love.  This report can show them that, YES, the index they like is good, but it's better with a different carrier!



Short-Term Comparison

There are a lot of older, poor performing products out there.  The only problem is the client's time frame they established when they originally purchased their annuity.  Now we can go after these prospects with great short-term performance!



Allocations Made Easy

We all know that the number one issue agents have with Fixed Index Annuity applications is the allocation process.  Our Carrier Reports solve this mystery in seconds!  Send out sample reports to show the agents what they can get working with you and your FMO!



Market Comparisons

This report is a great way to demonstrate how a Fixed Indexed Annuity compares to the Stock Market.  Yes, the Stock Market wins, but the sale here is how well the Fixed Indexed Annuity did with NO RISK!



Existing Products

This report can give your agents the ability to meet with clients and prospects and gather the data on their current out-dated Index Annuity products and compare them to the better performing products we have today!  "It's time to update your annuity!"



Carrier vs. Carrier

If you learn a prospective agents favorite product, you can run a report to show that you have products that will perform better.  This is a great way to pick up a single contract from an agent and over time capture all of his/her business!



IUL Allocations

You have the ability to use the COMPARE CHARTS tab to run IUL allocation reports.  Simply plug in the IUL crediting methods and it will run a performance comparison.  Simply ask your prospective agents if they would like an easy way to allocate their next IUL?  You will be the first to offer this!



Renewal Rate Focus

The hottest topic in the Fixed Indexed industry right now is "Renewal Rates"!  You can capitalize on this current focus with our "Draw Down" feature.  You can demonstrate your ability to illustrate what would happen if a products rates drop!



Risk Control???

One of the biggest mysteries of our industry is how this "Risk Control" or "Low Volatility" really works.  I would suggest we don't care so much about how it works, we just want to know the end result.  This report can compare actual products that use S&P 500 Risk Control.  You can tell your agents that if they work with you, you can help the always know how Risk Control really works for their clients.


INDEXALYZER Lunch & Learns

We have a power-packed lunch & learn that we will help you set up and come and speak at.  You can use this as a recruiting tool or as a training tool for your existing agent.  Below are the topics that we can come out and present:

•Take the mystery out of FIA allocations!

•Know actual FIA past performance!

•Enhance your marketing efforts with a proven sales strategy that focuses on past performance!

•Illustrate Income Riders like never before!

•Show your clients growth strategies that combines multiple reset options!

•Give your clients “hard numbers” to help them re-allocate at reviews!

•Destroy your competition with actual knowledge about FIA performance!

•Get competitive intelligence like never before!

•Obtain leads from people that:

•Have money!

•Understand annuities!

•Need the help only INDEXALYZER can provide!

Outdoor Dinner
Half-Day or All-Day Recruiting Workshop
Audiovisual Conference

We can also come to any location and assist you in running a recruiting workshop.  We have all the content prepared for you and we will train you on the presentations you will do.  The focus of this workshop is Income!  The goal is to recruit.  The content will reference INDEXALYZER several times, but it will not be the main focus.  See the outline of the topics below:


•Why a Nobel Prize Winning Economist says everyone should look at FIA's for retirement income!

•How to determine a client's income need and plan for inflation!

•How FIA's with Income Riders destroy the "Prudent Man's Rule" and the equities market in general for distribution!

•How to compare the 3 different types of Income Riders the right way!

•Why FIA product performance is vital to your Income Rider sales!

•How to illustrate the FIA Income Rider you are selling now to produce more income!

•How to market Income Riders to prospective clients with actual performance-based illustrations!

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