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Recruiting Assistance

Enhance Your Live Events

Want to recruit more agents?  Invite our staff out to your next live event!  Our presentations will add a high level of quality content and get your agents  excited to be working with you and our products.  We will set up our professional booth complete with our, "soon to be world famous", dart board pictured to the right.  We will play a simple quick game of darts that will impact your agents for the rest of their careers.  When we ask agents how they select crediting methods, we always get this response..."I just throw darts!"  Well, now we will put that to the test, and give them a visual of how much our INDEXALYZER program can:

  • Give them a tool to help guide their clients

  • Protect their agency

  • Make reviews a whole lot easier​

We can bring a high level of quality content to any kind of meeting you are hosting.  Our program will enhance your recruiting events, awards banquets, educational workshops and any other event where you are getting your agents together.

Live events are also the number one way to increase your number of subscribers to!

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