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If you are an FMO that offers fixed indexed annuities or indexed universal life, you will be amazed by this product.  The missing link in our industry is performance!  Agents do not know how to explain it, your marketers have very little access to information about it, and the carriers only update it once a year!  This product will give your marketers access to up-to-date information on every index and product available in our industry.  Imagine how your FMO will be represented by the instant level of knowledge we can give to every one of your marketers!


Concerning Fixed Indexed Annuities and IUL's, your marketers will be able to do all of the following at their fingertips with this program:

  • Charting - Using a 10 year, to the month, back-test, compare up to 10 different indices at a time either in their pure form, or with crediting methods applied.

  • Performance Comparisons - Sorted by: state, AM Best rating, surrender terms, and reset durations, your marketers will be able to instantly see a top 25 based upon performance, on their screen.

  • Allocation Recomendations - Your marketers will have access to tables in the software that quickly show a comparison of how each crediting method in the product performed over the last 10 years.

  • Business Protection - Agents should know that they are not allowed with most carriers to choose how a client allocates their indexed product.  

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