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Did you miss one of our training webinars?  Don't worry, you can come to this page and we will keep a history of our past training webinars for you to reference.

INDEXALYZER Illustration System Training

In this webinar we walked through every aspect of the functionality of the new illustration system.  With this system you be able to run growth illustrations on every product that we track.  You can switch from one carrier to another within seconds.  No more logging into each carriers website to do multiple illustrations on one client.  You will only have to enter the clients data one time.  Also, the historical data used to show the growth is up to date to the current month.

INDEXALYZER Report Request Form Training

In this webinar, we demonstrated how to use the INDEXALYZER Report Request Forms to help your agents get a better understanding of what you and INDEXALYZER can do.  We talked about how to use the request forms as well as how to run the reports your agents can request.  Watch this webinar over and over to help your proficiency in generating each of the reports your agents may request from you in the future.


In this webinar, we demonstrated how to use a selling system to recruit new agents.  This system incorporates referral marketing, workshop marketing and client appreciation into one powerful program.  We demonstrated the webinar that you can use to recruit new agents as well as demonstrated on of the two presentations used in the selling system.  This system will give you a unique concept that only a few FMO's have access to to assist you in your recruiting activities.

INDEXALYZER Carrier Report Training

We take a closer look at the Historical Performance Reports that can be downloaded from  We call these reports "Carrier Reports".  We also look at other reports that can be ordered from our participating FMO's  and how they can be used in different stages of the Fixed Indexed Annuity sales process.




We do many research studies concerning "Indexed" products.  The results of these studies are posted daily on Linkedin.  Here is an archive of those posts.


In this webinar, we covered how to use all the reports you can generate out of the INDEXALYZER spreadsheet for recruiting and marketing.  We covered the ability to include us in your live events, have us conduct webinars for you, come out for lunch & learns or recruiting workshops, and we went over content you can use for successful blast e-mail campaigns.  We also covered a few of the enhancements to the spreadsheet.

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